Young, Ambitious, Adventurous

We Are Freelance App Developers Traveling the World Together.

We build apps with React (Native) and Node.js while traveling the world, attending many conferences, and going on adventures so we can enjoy our job and stay on top of our game. We are herons exploring the world. We dream to be the bosses of the pond. The world is our pond. App development is our fish.

Our values:

  • Equality – We’d like to pay our foreign developers as much as they are worth, not just what ever they ask.
  • Transparency – We’re very honest & direct, and like you to be the same
  • Trust-first – We don’t want much hassle, we’d like to trust you and just do it! 
  • Career Oriented – We are all serious, hard-working and want to become the best in our fields!

Who are we?

Sander van Rijsoort

Sander is a driven entrepreneur and Front-End developer with a background in business development. He now mostly uses React to deliver the best apps.

Wijnand Karsens

The coming years my plan is to use my coding and leadership skills to develop humane mobile- and web-apps. I plan to get Senior Developer, Lead Developer, and CTO roles while growing my Software Development Agency.

Working with Wijnand has been an absolute pleasure. He has a great personality, which results in bringing positive energy to the group. We joke that he is quicker than his shadow, as he has always been capable of delivering on his promises and often more.

He is eager to learn, structured, quick to deliver, dedicated and keeps the bigger picture in mind. In short: I would definitely recommend working with him if you get the chance!

Dan Nir - Let's Calendar

Board of Advisors

Yilong Wen

Data Science & Investment

Arnoud Karsens

Data Science & Risk Management

We’re looking for you

Since April 2021 I am looking for ambitious, adventurous, young, entrepreneurial, experienced in React, React Native, Node.js freelance developers. 


I want to form a team of developers, to search for and do projects, to learn from each other, and to travel and go on adventures together. To achieve this, Code From Anywhere was founded, a brand under which a select group of suitable developers can work. This is a win-win situation for everyone. In the short term I will not ask you for anything in return, this is an investment in the brand.


So, do you think you have what it takes? Do you want to travel with us? Go on an adventure?


Join an amazing team of developers that invest their precious time and energy into building the best brand ever. We’re not just an agency – we represent a new lifestyle and the future of work.


Every month, we’ll have an activity in the Netherlands for the people that stay home, but also, we go places.


  • In October we go to Portugal for a month (or two!)
  • We don’t know what will follow yet, but it will be great.




If you join us, you immediately can reap the benefits:

  • Slack + WhatsApp group, meet online weekly or more often.
  • Google Drive: Shared excel sheet with network and assignment opportunities (gold mine), but also strategy and other documents
  • GitHub with apps, boilerplates and shared packages


What I expect from you:


  • Profiling: Full online profiling as part of CodeFromAnywhere (LinkedIn, Invoice, Blog, etc.)
  • Tax: Assignments you receive thanks to CodeFromAnywhere give up 15%


What we value (but it’s not mandatory!)


  • Voluntary Tax: invest 15% of your income in SEO, Advertising, group activities and more
  • Finders fee: 5% of your money you earn from giving an assignment to the person who helped you with this assignment
  • Think and work along: Thinking along and contributing (unpaid) to brand development, business development, acquisition
  • Travel: Going on a trip for at least 3 months a year, preferably 6+


Long term vision (2022+):
Everything is still without obligation. As the brand grows, we expect to set more and more hard rules for new developers. Existing developers may also be asked to participate in this.


  • Fixed percentage goes to Code From Anywhere (probably 15%)
  • Fixed percentage goes to finder assignment (probably 5%)
  • Fixed percentage of income from new freelancers goes to experienced freelancers (teacher-student construction – probably 10%)
  • Fixed percentage of income from new freelancers goes to affiliate (probably 1%)