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Setting a goal

The first step is deciding what you want to get out of this course. It's very important that you're not only going to read the stuff I say here on these pages. You need to practice in order to become handy.

How many hours a week are you going to study? This is an important question. Commit to it, tell your friends, and set a goal. This course will take about a month to complete when you do it full-time. Make a plan, and set a goal where you want to be after this course.

What are you going to make?

This course is meant to be interactive. I teach you something, you try to apply it. But for that you need to have some idea in mind. What are you going to build?

  • In the beginner section, you will learn how to make simple styled websites. You won't learn anything with user interaction yet though, but you can play with different topics if you want.

  • In the Frontend section, among other things you will learn the basics of typescript and react, and you will deploy your app to a domain! What do you want your app to be about? You can start writing some pages here already

  • In the Full-stack section, you will get the full picture and you can start making full-stack apps. What do you want your app to be able to do? It can be anything!

  • In the Wizard section, you will learn super advanced topics. You'll learn there are many applications of these things.

Did you learn something?

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