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JSON means JavaScript Object Notation. JSON is used in lots of places. It is very easy to use because JSON can directly be imported into JavaScript and be parsed as a JavaScript Object. It's great!

A JSON file can contain an object or an array of objects. Every key in the object is a string, and every value of every parameter can be either a string, number, boolean, object, null, or an array of multiple of those. These are the primitive types that are also used in JavaScript. In JavaScript, however, there is also undefined. This is not supported in JSON.

This is an example of a JSON file.

"position": 4,
"label": "Beginner",
"collapsible": true,
"collapsed": false,
"object": {
"key1": "hey",
"key2: ["test",1,2,3]
"arrayKey": [],
"nullValue": null

JSON is very flexible. With just a couple of type primitives, it gives you unlimited possibility to store almost any data in JSON files.

Please note that it's possible to have multiple types of values in a single array, but I don't recommend to do that because it makes it harder to process your data.

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