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Make something!

Now that you know the basics... Go and make something cool! You can use html in .html files, markdown in .md files, css in the style attrubute of your html tags (or use a .css file), json files have the .json extension...

Can you make a nice little website about yourself? Or any other topic you like? Be creative!

Open the editor and get going :-) I'd love to see what you've made!

Wizard stuff!

Can you stop using all other file formats that you currently use and start using only these ones that I tought you about? You'll be a wizard in no-time this way!

Did you learn something?

Click the button below to tweet about what you thought of this section, what you've made, what you learned... Also don't forget to share it with us via slack! Cool tweets (or other social media posts) will be selected and presented on this page!