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Setting things up

To start developing, I recommend the VSCode editor. I recommand having a Mac but it's not needed. It'd also be good to install Node.js already, but you'll only need that in the "frontend" section.

Using sensible setup

If you want to be quick, sensible setup installs all tools for you that we recommend you to have. This cli only works with Mac.

After you've installed node, just run the following command:

npx sensible setup

The terminal is your friend

You should get good at navigating in your terminal. We have a section about this because it's key to be a productive developer. At least make sure you know what bash is and how to open a terminal...

VSCode is your home

There are many features in this editor. If you've used the sensible setup command, a lot of extensions have already been installed for you. A good start would be learning some common shortcuts in VSCode by hard, because you're going to need them a lot.

Along with the more standard MacOS keybindings, these are the shortcuts I use all the time (MacOS).

  • Open/close terminal: Control + backtick
  • Open new terminal tab: Command + backslash
  • Search file: Command + P
  • Search VSCode Command: Command + Shift + P
  • Open/close sidebar: Command + B
  • Open explorer: Command + shift + E
  • Open global search: Command + shift + F
  • Close all files except unsaved ones: Command + K U

Seriously, you'll save so much time knowing these commands, so please learn them by hard, right now!

For a longer list, see their cheat sheets for MacOS and Windows.

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