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Knowing your terminal

Important commands (I'll explain later, in the meantime you can google yourself. This should be second nature for you)

  • cd "path" go into another folder. Use cd .. to go up a folder
  • ls show contents of current folder
  • pwd show where you are (print working directory)
  • z go to any folder anywhere really quickly (repo)
  • rm remove a file or folder (manual)
  • mv move a file or folder (manual)
  • cp copy a file or folder (manual)
  • mkdir make a new directory
  • touch make a new file
  • echo "text" print something
  • say "text" say something
Want to know more?

I think the following commands are also very useful. However, as a beginner you don't need to know everything. Just come back to this later...

  • grep
  • head
  • tail
  • man
  • cat
  • >
  • |
  • chmod
  • exit
  • clear
  • kill
  • alias
  • $
  • "
  • '
  • functions
  • &&
  • ||
  • ( and )
  • ;
  • say
  • conditionals

For more info on all of this, head over here to find a nice cheat sheet.

Oh my ZSH

Oh my ZSH is a handy extension that changes your terminal. You can also install plugins. I recommend using ZSH with the autosuggest extension for the most productive terminal usage.

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