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More Typescript

Now it's going to get interesting! Until now we've only learnt about markup languages and JSON, a very simple file-format containing only data.

Also wev'e looked at a Typescript Next.js React project, but we've only touched the basics.

Now we're diving into Typescript. Typescript can do so much! Typescript is simply JavaScript with additional syntax to support types. I always use Typescript because it only improves your code, makes it more readable, and more maintainable. I will never use bare JavaScript anywhere in this course and I recommend always using Typescript.

Please note that Typescript is a language that is later compiled to JavaScript. So in the end we do use JavaScript, haha. We just don't write it.

In the previous section we've already been using Typescript

Creating our own types


Number methods

String methods

Array methods

Object methods

Date methods

Math methods

Boolean methods

Other things to know

Reserved words

The following words are reserved and should never be used as function or variable names. Most of these words you won't need anymore but they are still there from older JavaScript times.

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