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These are the services I provide.


I give 1:1 coaching for €100 per hour (slack me)

Group Demos & Trainings

I give group sessions about niche topics (any thing covered on this website, but more in-depth and applied on your usecase) for teams for €500 per session (±4 hours)

Exclusive access to high-value apps/tools

I'm working on tools, conventions, ideas, frameworks and apps for all topics in these sections. Do you want to be an early adopter with exclusive access? Message me on slack.


I am selling boilerplates that could potentially kickstart your startup. Throughout the years I've built many startups and apps and I own most of the code. Because I can reuse this and because of the metascripting I've developed, it's easy to put together a huge customised boilerplate for a new startup or greenfield enterprise project.

I can do this in a matter of days. This could save your team months of work, so let's have a call to see what you need, and if I can help you with that.

System Architecture

I consult for System Architecture for Open Source, Decentralised, Scalable, Elegant, Web3 projects, €500 per session.

Codebase Review

I can review your codebase and provide feedback and advice for improvements. Message me on Slack.

Public Speaking

You can ask me to speak at an (online) event or conference. Message me on Slack.

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