MVP in 2 weeks

For €10.000,- we will bring a minimal version of your app to Android and iOS

MVP in 2 weeks is a service we have for first time startups ideas. With just €10.000 euro they can validate their startup idea using a real app.

We integrate pre-made code structures to speed up the process and deliver the app to you super quickly:

  • Analytics
  • Super boilerplate
  • Login system (if needed)


  • No Intellectual Property: You don’t get the IP. We keep the IP because we included a lot of pre-made code structures. Buying the IP (code) will cost an additional €10.000,- or more, depending on how big the app is.
  • Bigger apps: Some apps are so big they just can’t be made within two weeks. For this type of app, we will still try to keep the initial price on €10.000,-. We do this by taking additional equity in your company.