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Automation & Metascripting

With Sensible it's our goal to make it as easy as possible to create complex applications without limiting their possibilities in any way. One of the ways we do this is by creating smart automations to reduce the workload on developers.

Until now we've created 3 commands in the CLI that automate a lot for you:

  • sensible setup sets up your dev environment as much as possible on a new MacOS system
  • sensible init creates all boilerplate for you, installs it, and opens VSCode. It also has support for tasks to easily start some scripts automatically.
  • sensible add lets you easily add a new frontend app shell to your boilerplate.

There are many things left to automate.

The most interesting concept we are researching at the moment within our agency, we call metascripting. Among other things, we are trying to build a way for people to easily generate boilerplates for new models.

Another interesting thing that could really benefit the users of sensible would be more automations for deployment. How cool would it be if your app would instantly be deployed to a server when creating a new one?

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