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Become a Wizard

Join the CFA Wizards Team​

Do you think you got it in you and want to join the Code From Anywhere Wizards team to build great frameworks and tools for developers... Do you want to travel with us and go on an adventure?

Join an amazing team of developers that invest their precious time and energy into building the best company ever. We’re not just an agency – we represent a new lifestyle and the future of work.


  • Brand: Attract more clients and developers because you join an established brand with good reputation
  • Profit: Make more profit because of lower cost of marketing, administration, etc.
  • Risk reduction: Proven business model reduces risk of failure of a (new) business
  • Sharing clients & leads: Access to pool of clients and leads
  • Developer pool: Access to pool of highly skilled and motivated devs
  • Network: exclusive events, adventures, etc.

If you're interested, join our community on Slack and message me.

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