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Other environments

When you start a sensible project, you can choose which frontends you want to use. Besides expo and web, there are 4 more we are planning to create stable boilerplates for. Currently, they are still experimental.

  • VSCode: Sensible supports creating VSCode extensions! Check their docs here
  • Chrome: Sensible supports creating Chrome extensions! Check their docs here
  • Electron: Sensible supports creating Electron apps (apps for Windows, Linux, and MacOS). Check their docs here.
  • Docusaurus: Last but not least, we support docusaurus. It's an amazing boilerplate that lets you create full-blown websites with React and Markdown! The site you're looking at right now is also built using Docusaurus.

We'd love to have more material on this ourselves, but for now, that's it. We don't have enough experience with these environments to create extensive tutorials, at this point.

If you're interested in creating material for one of these environments using sensible, let us know, and maybe we can collaborate.

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